2 Jan 2019

New Year, New Career!

No points today for my hugely imaginative blog topic.  However, I know that traditionally January is a busy time in recruitment and individuals resolve to put right the things that they want to improve in their lives. Unsurprisingly, their job and work life balance is pretty high up on the list of things we want to get right.

I know I would say this....but my personal feeling is that if you are in any way thinking about a move in your job in 2019.  Get in touch!  Ha!  I know what you're thinking but honestly, around 30% of the people I meet and talk to, I encourage them to stay where they are...sometimes the grass isn't actually greener on the other side.  If you are looking for an open and honest conversation about your options, your salary expectations, what alternatives would you be looking at, then it's worth a chat just so that you know what your options are and what the market is like at the moment.

I would also add that it's seldom that the perfect job is just there - the minute that you look on the job-sites.  That's why building relationships with good recruiters is essential.   My database has been lovingly updated over the past 10 years with regular contact with individuals who have been candidates, clients and candidates - multiple times!  We've built a rapport that allows me to know that if I drop a note or call with a great opportunity that pops up, then I'm not a faceless recruitment shark who has just found them on LinkedIn (really detest the LinkedIn Recruitment Stalker Approach).  I've also got a super high referral rate with candidates which hopefully speaks for itself. 

There is no commitment in having a chat, there is certainly no cost - other than time. It's always worth having an up to date CV.   If you're interested in just having an informal chat then give me a call on 07976 125963 or alternatively email me at fiona.christian@perfectmarketingpeople.com.   I do a weekly jobs round-up so if you would like to be included in that, please provide consent in the email that you're happy to receive emails.  I do regularly advertise jobs on Twitter and LinkedIn so feel free to follow me there too.   Lots of options to stay in touch.  Hope to hear from you soon!